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Item Description

Two-shaft  Spiral Mixer or Twin-shaft Pugmill 

one. Bearing seat 2. Discharge port 3. Circumstance 4. Feed port 5. Equipment box 6. Coupling
7. Reducer        8. Motor         9. Humidifier     ten. Blade   11. Chassis 12. Shaft

The two-shaft  mixer utilizes the synchronous rotation of 2 symmetrical spiral shafts to add h2o and agitate the powdery materials such as dry ash, uniformly humidifying the dry ash powder materials, so that the humidified substance does not dry dry ash and does not ooze out. The purpose of the water droplets is to aid the transportation of humidified ash loading cars or transfer to other conveying tools.

Technical Parameters
one.SJ series specialized parameters

2. SJJ series technological parameters

Structural functions
The twin-shaft mixer is largely composed of the casing, the screw shaft assembly, the driving gadget, the piping, the include plate, the chain cover and the like (see the random exterior provide drawing for details), and the distinct structural functionality attributes are as follows:
one The shell is largely composed of sheet metallic and area steel. It is welded and shaped in the factory and assembled with other factors. It is the support of the twin-shaft mixer. The shell is tightly sealed and there is no phenomenon of fly ash and ash leakage.
2 The screw shaft assembly is the major element of the twin-shaft mixer. Its components mainly consist of still left and proper spiral shafts, bearing seats, bearing sleeves, bearing addresses, gears, sprockets, oil cups, blades and other factors.
The remaining and appropriate spiraling shafts have higher production precision demands and very good procedure efficiency, and have stringent needs for cooperation with bearing housings, bearing sleeves and bearing addresses. The equipment modulus is 8, the quantity of teeth is sixty, the tooth angle is 20°, the sprocket pitch is 50.8, the quantity of teeth is 25, and the tooth profile is GB1224-85. The gears and sprockets are protected by a protective go over and can be operated securely and properly. The oil cup is a force-matched injection oil cup, and it is practical and powerful to include lubricating oil. The content of the biaxial mixer blade is created of a CZPT ceramic which is resistant to abrasion and is not sticky. The blade construction is created to be affordable and basic, simple to replace soon after wear, and has a long provider existence.
3 Drinking water conditioning and humidity piping is largely composed of nozzles, joints and nozzles. The nozzle adopts a stainless metal atomizing cone nozzle, which is arranged over the within of the mixer casing and arranged axially along the route of the spiral axis to kind a water curtain to aid humidification and agitation of the material. The nozzle composition is straightforward, effortless to substitute, stainless metal material, anti-corrosion and sturdy. The moisture material of the soaked ash can be altered by running a guide regulating valve on the water supply line.
4 The go over plate primarily includes a still left cover, a middle protect, a proper cover, a hole cover and a manhole cover. There are 6 manholes on both sides of the twin-shaft mixer to facilitate the operator’s common inspection and routine maintenance. A twin-shaft mixer is employed for the pneumatic conveying finish.


How to Assess Distinct Varieties of Spur Gears

When evaluating various varieties of spur gears, there are a number of critical factors to just take into account. The main considerations include the following: Common programs, Pitch diameter, and Addendum circle. Below we will appear at each and every of these variables in more depth. This write-up will aid you recognize what every single variety of spur equipment can do for you. Whether you happen to be searching to power an electric powered motor or a construction machine, the correct gear for the work will make the work less difficult and save you cash in the extended run.

Common purposes

Amongst its a lot of purposes, a spur equipment is extensively utilised in airplanes, trains, and bicycles. It is also employed in ball mills and crushers. Its large velocity-low torque capabilities make it ideal for a range of apps, including industrial equipment. The subsequent are some of the widespread makes use of for spur gears. Listed beneath are some of the most common kinds. Even though spur gears are typically silent, they do have their limitations.
A spur equipment transmission can be exterior or auxiliary. These units are supported by entrance and rear casings. They transmit push to the accent models, which in change go the machine. The push velocity is normally between 5000 and 6000 rpm or 20,000 rpm for centrifugal breathers. For this cause, spur gears are normally utilized in huge machinery. To learn much more about spur gears, view the following online video.
The pitch diameter and diametral pitch of spur gears are critical parameters. A diametral pitch, or ratio of tooth to pitch diameter, is critical in identifying the centre distance in between two spur gears. The center length between two spur gears is calculated by introducing the radius of every pitch circle. The addendum, or tooth profile, is the height by which a tooth initiatives previously mentioned the pitch circle. Aside from pitch, the center length in between two spur gears is measured in phrases of the length among their facilities.
One more critical characteristic of a spur gear is its low speed capability. It can produce excellent electricity even at lower speeds. Nevertheless, if sound handle is not a precedence, a helical gear is preferable. Helical gears, on the other hand, have tooth organized in the reverse direction of the axis, creating them quieter. Nonetheless, when thinking about the sounds level, a helical gear will function far better in low-speed scenarios.


The development of spur gear begins with the slicing of the gear blank. The gear blank is manufactured of a pie-formed billet and can range in dimensions, condition, and excess weight. The chopping process needs the use of dies to develop the proper equipment geometry. The gear blank is then fed slowly into the screw machine right up until it has the desired form and measurement. A steel equipment blank, named a spur equipment billet, is utilized in the producing process.
A spur gear is made up of two elements: a centre bore and a pilot hole. The addendum is the circle that operates alongside the outermost points of a spur gear’s teeth. The root diameter is the diameter at the foundation of the tooth space. The plane tangent to the pitch surface is called the stress angle. The overall diameter of a spur gear is equivalent to the addendum in addition the dedendum.
The pitch circle is a circle formed by a series of teeth and a diametrical division of each and every tooth. The pitch circle defines the length amongst two meshed gears. The heart distance is the length among the gears. The pitch circle diameter is a vital element in determining heart distances among two mating spur gears. The heart length is calculated by introducing the radius of each and every gear’s pitch circle. The dedendum is the top of a tooth above the pitch circle.
Other considerations in the style process contain the material utilized for construction, surface area remedies, and variety of tooth. In some situations, a standard off-the-shelf equipment is the most acceptable choice. It will satisfy your application requirements and be a cheaper alternative. The equipment will not previous for long if it is not lubricated properly. There are a number of diverse techniques to lubricate a spur equipment, which includes hydrodynamic journal bearings and self-contained gears.

Addendum circle

The pitch diameter and addendum circle are two critical proportions of a spur gear. These diameters are the all round diameter of the gear and the pitch circle is the circle centered around the root of the gear’s tooth areas. The addendum element is a purpose of the pitch circle and the addendum price, which is the radial distance amongst the top of the gear tooth and the pitch circle of the mating gear.
The pitch area is the appropriate-hand aspect of the pitch circle, even though the root circle defines the room in between the two equipment tooth sides. The dedendum is the distance among the leading of the equipment tooth and the pitch circle, and the pitch diameter and addendum circle are the two radial distances amongst these two circles. The distinction in between the pitch floor and the addendum circle is acknowledged as the clearance.
The amount of teeth in the spur equipment have to not be significantly less than sixteen when the strain angle is twenty degrees. However, a equipment with 16 tooth can nevertheless be utilised if its strength and speak to ratio are inside design and style restrictions. In addition, undercutting can be prevented by profile shifting and addendum modification. However, it is also achievable to decrease the addendum duration by way of the use of a positive correction. Even so, it is important to observe that undercutting can take place in spur gears with a damaging addendum circle.
Another crucial element of a spur equipment is its meshing. Simply because of this, a standard spur equipment will have a meshing reference circle known as a Pitch Circle. The heart distance, on the other hand, is the distance in between the center shafts of the two gears. It is crucial to comprehend the fundamental terminology included with the equipment program before commencing a calculation. In spite of this, it is crucial to remember that it is achievable to make a spur equipment mesh using the identical reference circle.

Pitch diameter

To determine the pitch diameter of a spur equipment, the kind of push, the variety of driver, and the type of pushed equipment should be specified. The proposed diametral pitch value is also outlined. The smaller sized the pitch diameter, the significantly less contact tension on the pinion and the longer the services lifestyle. Spur gears are produced using easier procedures than other varieties of gears. The pitch diameter of a spur equipment is critical due to the fact it establishes its strain angle, the operating depth, and the total depth.
The ratio of the pitch diameter and the variety of enamel is called the DIAMETRAL PITCH. The enamel are calculated in the axial airplane. The FILLET RADIUS is the curve that types at the base of the gear tooth. The Entire DEPTH Enamel are the kinds with the operating depth equal to 2.000 divided by the normal diametral pitch. The hub diameter is the exterior diameter of the hub. The hub projection is the length the hub extends past the equipment experience.
A metric spur gear is typically specified with a Diametral Pitch. This is the number of tooth per inch of the pitch circle diameter. It is generally measured in inverse inches. The regular plane intersects the tooth floor at the stage the place the pitch is specified. In a helical gear, this line is perpendicular to the pitch cylinder. In addition, the pitch cylinder is normally standard to the helix on the outside the house.
The pitch diameter of a spur gear is usually specified in millimeters or inches. A keyway is a machined groove on the shaft that matches the crucial into the shaft’s keyway. In the regular airplane, the pitch is specified in inches. Involute pitch, or diametral pitch, is the ratio of teeth for each inch of diameter. While this might appear complicated, it truly is an critical measurement to realize the pitch of a spur gear.


The primary gain of a spur equipment is its potential to lessen the bending tension at the tooth no matter the load. A standard spur equipment has a experience width of twenty mm and will are unsuccessful when subjected to 3000 N. This is considerably far more than the generate power of the content. Listed here is a look at the materials houses of a spur equipment. Its power relies upon on its materials properties. To find out what spur equipment substance best fits your machine, adhere to the following steps.
The most typical substance utilised for spur gears is steel. There are various sorts of metal, like ductile iron and stainless metal. S45C metal is the most common steel and has a .forty five% carbon material. This variety of steel is easily obtainable and is used for the production of helical, spur, and worm gears. Its corrosion resistance helps make it a well-known materials for spur gears. Below are some benefits and negatives of steel.
A spur equipment is made of metal, plastic, or a mixture of these supplies. The major advantage of metal spur gears is their power to bodyweight ratio. It is about one particular third lighter than metal and resists corrosion. While aluminum is much more pricey than steel and stainless steel, it is also less complicated to machine. Its layout can make it straightforward to personalize for the software. Its flexibility makes it possible for it to be employed in nearly each software. So, if you have a certain require, you can easily locate a spur equipment that fits your wants.
The design of a spur gear drastically influences its overall performance. Therefore, it is crucial to decide on the right materials and evaluate the actual proportions. Apart from becoming critical for functionality, dimensional measurements are also essential for quality and trustworthiness. That’s why, it is crucial for pros in the business to be common with the terms employed to explain the materials and areas of a equipment. In addition to these, it is important to have a great knowing of the content and the dimensional measurements of a gear to make sure that manufacturing and acquire orders are correct.

China Best Sales Two-shaft Spiral Mixer or Twin-shaft Pugmill     with Best SalesChina Best Sales Two-shaft Spiral Mixer or Twin-shaft Pugmill     with Best Sales